Friday, October 25, 2013

Indie and Gizmo

I was tasked with exercising Indie, this handsome Aussie, while his Mom was on vacation. 
Check out the fun adventures we had!

Beach walks were oh so fun!

We went on neighborhood walks too, he sure was tired!

Tummy rubs and exploring new trails are the best!

He loved going to the bluffs.

I liked to take him hiking at one of my favorite spots, he loved walking on the dirt trail for a change. 
(I removed his leash in photoshop)

Happy dog :)

Such a good boy.

Taking a break in the shade before we hit the trail again.

And 14 year old Gizmo got to hold down the fort at home while Indie and I were out each day. 
But he still got lots of love and treats from me.

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